Urinalysis Dipstick


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Product Description

This course will provide you with essential introduction on how to perform urinalysis dipstick test.

Course Duration

This course is conducted over approximately 1.5 hours in class, 1 week of self-study time and 15 questions assessment test.

Entry Requirements

  • All candidates must be 18+ years old and have none criminal records.
  • All candidates must have a good understanding of written and spoken English.

Course content

  • Urinalysis
  • Urinalysis Using Test Strips
  • Collecting Sample from your patient – Mid Stream Urine
  • Urine Collection from the Catheter Bag
  • Do NOTs During Urinalysis
  • How to Perform Urinalysis Test
  • Urinalysis Data Collection


The total fee for this training is £27.99.