About City Gate Training and Team About City Gate Training and Team 

City Gate Training Centre is a high-quality training provider, specialising in health and social care. Established in 2006 in London, we are well known and recognised among different care companies and hospitals.

At City Gate Training Centre, we have over 16 years of experience in developing and delivering high-quality training in health and social care.

Our experience includes customizing specific courses for up to an advanced level. In addition, we were the first training company that differentiated between care assistants and support workers depending on their duties and responsibilities, as well as the field of work (for instance nursing homes, domiciliary care, or hospitals).

What Training in Health Care do we OfferWhat Training in Health Care do we Offer

At City Gate Training Centre we offer a variety of different short courses for health care assistants. It just depends on where you’d wish to work. This could include hospitals, nursing homes, and other care service providers. We offer training courses for Basic Nursing Skills, Maternity Support Worker, Health Care Assistant, Mental Health Care Assistant, and many other specialised health and social care courses.

City Gate Training Centre training programs have provided a foundation for more than 5000 learners to be successful in their chosen careers as healthcare assistants. 

Why Choose City Gate Training CentreWhy Choose City Gate Training Centre

At City Gate, we will not only provide you with a high amount of knowledge in the field of your interest but also with a complete “package” to be ready to apply for advertised health care jobs. All our training courses are delivered by registered clinicians so you can be assured that you will learn the most up-to-date skills required for the job.

Initial training is the foundation of a future career. Any of our health care training will provide you with an introduction to the overall health care role and will help you to understand what you will be capable of upon completion of the selected training.

In our experience, we have recognised that sending learners out on practical work placement is crucial and helps the learner decide if the job is suited to them.


“This one-day intensive course is really worth the time and money. The trainer is easy-going , very thorough in knowledge and experience, and she is very understanding. She takes time with the learner, to ensure he/she understands the information. Worth every minute have.”

Simona Brown

“Asta explained very well all subjects of the training.

To City Gate Training Centre: Should mentioned to the students to practice basic maths skills to avoid slowing the class.”

Dagmar Mrazova

“I am very much enjoyed my course. Very informative and good teaching”

Santa Kiku

Evaluation: Course Content – Excellent; Training Material- Excellent; Venue – Excellent; Trainers Ability – Excellent

Samira Cardoso – Basic nursing Skills

“The course is really great. My trainer (Asta) was brilliant and was first excellent experience in the field. I really enjoyed it.”

Constance Nkasah

“Course very exciting and direct to the point. Very impressed and valuable skills acquired.”

Wisdom Opara